New Projects

I'm always keeping busy, in the writing world and out of the writing world!

In my writing, here's a list of what's going on.........

The Dead Life 
A young girl takes a break from school with her friends. When they make a wrong turn, they visit a town that seems frozen in time. The town's people are gone, no trace of them anywhere. But that's not the weirdest thing. All the papers in the town are dated the same. For being so old, there's no dust or age on the paper like they were put in place on that day, or the day before. And no matter how she keeps saying (and believing) she's never been there before, her memories say otherwise. What's the secret about that date? And why are her friends disappearing?

Lost And Found 
A new house, a new life. And a new room, with a mystery. Obsession fills her time. Just like the title implies, the room is lost and found. Everything she's lost in her life fills the room just to be found. But where has it all come from? And when she takes it out of the room, is it being taken from the new owners? Not caring, she becomes even more obsessed with her newly found treasures. Will she become lost too?

Cursed Blood and the Spawn
Yep, I'm rewriting both books and joining them to be in one complete novel. This is going to take some time to complete because I'm giving it a whole new story. Yeah, some things will remain but it will have some new features in the story itself. If you haven't read either book, here's what its about........

Donna has an enemy. It is her own body. Every year, on the same day (her own birthday), people around her dies. She begs God to end her life, to stop the deaths but the curse has prevented her own death while causing so many around her to parish. And she's reminded of the curse constantly by flashes of each year's event. Its enough to make anyone go crazy. But a promise of a normal life changes everything! Will the government's "cure" help Donna or will it be the one thing that can destroy her?

Homelessness Across America
My first non-fiction book. This book will hold facts about homelessness across America including shelters, places where they can get food or do their laundry. I'll also be including experiences from myself and others who have faced homelessness, good and bad. Maybe this information can help America open their eyes and do something about it.

Home Sick (working on this piece as we speak-2017)
She falls in love with the boy next door. When he falls for her, they make a new life together in the very place their hearts bonded. When a disaster takes him away from her, she loses all will to live. Her home was with him and now she's alone. How will she ever survive?

My newest project is still in my head. I'm trying to come up with the title for it before I begin writing this piece. The whole idea came from traveling recently. I was staring into the trees and every now and then I could see a glimpse of houses and buildings. It got me thinking, what if there was a town that was like that. You couldn't see it in the sense of eyes seeing but not quite in the imagination either. I gotta play around with it and see how I can bring it to you in a story you'll never forget!

More books coming soon!


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