Thursday, December 28, 2017

Simple Update

This is a simple update for all my newsletters. I will be sending them through my email in a more direct way.

Here's how my newsletters work.....

First you sign up. You can use the gadget on the right or you can email me and let me know you'd like to receive my monthly newsletters.

Second, you wait. On the first of every month, I will send one out during the day. The time is always different from month to month.

Each issue is always different. But you can count on a few things being the same. In each issue, there is a section on Writing (tips or information). One section is all about getting you to think about the world, life, ect. I do wish you would share your input whether you disagree or you agree. I love hearing your thoughts. Its about getting you involved and that section hopefully stirs you up just enough to do that. I do not wish to offend anyone so if I ever do, please let me know. Another section is filled with positivity. We need more of that in our day. And more. Sometimes I share what I'm working on, or give a little feedback about me, and more.

I am trying to use Facebook as my main hub so please come and visit my page. Its at I really would like people to begin to talk to me and others on there so when you come by please leave a note. Thank you so much!!!!

A.R. Grosjean aka Amber Rigby Grosjean