Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Books Update:Read

Ok, I have updated the list of books I've read in the past 8 months or so. At this time, I am reading one of Stephen King's newest books, a book of short stories. I will add it to the list when I am finished with the title included.

I'm beginning to really enjoy reading so this list will continue to grow! And that is something I am excited about lol. For those people who know me (some of my family and friends), they know I really didn't like to read. I think I'm the first writer in the world who didn't read lol. That's me. Well, not anymore. Now I'm the opposite person. Its amazing how a person can change in a course of a few months.

And another change is the name. I'm still Amber Rigby Grosjean and its such a long name so I decided to shorted it. You know, like KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken and IHOP is International House of Pancakes. The names never changed, they just shortened them lol. Well, I'm doing the same thing once my next book comes out. And because I'm reading, my writing will change as well! So now I will be known as A.R. Grosjean!

Its going to be great--my next book! I can't wait to get it finished!


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